Adding a second video card to Inspiron 570


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Adding a second video card to Inspiron 570

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I bought an ATI 5450 video card to go along with the onboard video in my Dell ( I want to run three monitors) but the onboard video doesn't work with the new card installed. The old onboard ATI 4200 doesn't show in Device Manager at all, only the new card. The BIOS doesn't have a selection for primary or secondary adaptors. Am I stuck with the current onboard only or will both adaptors function in this computer?



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  • No the onboard video will be disabled when it senses a video card. What you would need to do is try to run a combination of a PCIe and PCI card.

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  • Anyone out there have a recommendation for an additional PCI card that ACTUALLY IS KNOWN TO WORK FOR THIS PURPOSE?

    Sorry for the caps, but there sure is a lot of generic advice here that doesn't work without specific information. I've tried a number of PCI cards in my Inspiron 570 PCI slot (not the PCI-E slot). They all cause Win7 to refuse to talk to the onboard graphics (Error 43, no description other than "a problem exists..").

    I don't need gaming performance. Slideshow performance would be plenty good for my situation.

    Seriously, there has to be someone somewhere who can give a recommendation of a card that will work?


  • as the last commenter said any graphic card plug into your computer automatically DISABLES the onboard 4200 graphics ... if you have any graphics card plugged in the 4200 is shut off.  That is the way modern PCs work ... no way to override. 

    i don't know if your ATI 5450 PCIe will work along with a pci card in another slot.  It might. It might not.  PCI video cards are very old technology.

    there are ATI cards that support 3 monitors called Eyefininty cards .... the only catch is one of your monitors must use a display port connector  ... like the one below

    this card has a VGA, a DVI, and a Dispaly port .... if your monitors don't support DVI or Diplay port there are adapters to go from DVI to VGA and Display Port to VGA.

  • Thanks! This is good info.

    The ATI 5450 PCIe is what we are going to use - it supports 3 monitors. Don't even need a 2nd PCI card.


  • Br.Bill

    Thanks! This is good info.

    The ATI 5450 PCIe is what we are going to use - it supports 3 monitors. Don't even need a 2nd PCI card.


    Hi, I use the ATI 5670 in my 570.


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  • There are PCI cards that support 4 or more monitors.

    The alternative is to use a USB to VGA or USB to DVI adaptor.

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  • I need to know if this will work with the Intel graphics HD 3000 card. I have tried and when I install the 3rd monitor all monitors go into sleep mode. I would appreciate your help.