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PCI Video card needed for dimension 2350

  • How do I tell if I have the right Video PCI card for my Dimension 2350? his should be easy to solve, I just dont know what the name of the dimension 2350 PCI is. I saw it earlier in another post, I recognized it, but it went un identified (technically!). I can install it, I upgraded my memory and hard drive myself, through this forum, and I am very happy with it, I trust this forum! Thank you!

    Mrs. Kitt

  • While not exactly what you asked, SR45 gives you examples of cards that should work in the post found here:  PCI Graphics Card Installation.  He also gives a good outline of the steps you need to follow in order to successfully install the card.


    Good luck to you!


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  • Okay, I can see by the info on the purchase page link that it is called a "DDR PCI CARD". Thank you! i think I will actually attempt to buy them from NewEgg, those are great prices. Thank you so mych, I had a suspicion that it would be a ddr PCI card, because the memory upgrade was an SDRAM "DDR" DIMM (I think it was Dimm!?). Okay! I gotta write this stuff down! Thanks guys! Once again the forum helped to upgrade my computer, I love this site!