What is power consumption in standby mode?


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What is power consumption in standby mode?

  • I've read over every piece of literature delivered with my new XPS T600 and 19" DELL monitor, and I've gone through every entry in the on-line help files I can think of that might be relevant, and nowhere can I learn what the actual power consumption is when I place my computer and my monitor in "standby" mode. Full power on power consumption is plainly listed, but there seems to be no information showing the power savings to be expected by using the "standby" feature for both computer and monitor. Can anyone assist me or tell me where I can locate this information?
  • Everett,
    I do not now if this is the information you are looking for...but it cost about 18-20 cents a day to run your computer on standby and 28-30 cents a day to run it on full power. Of course these numbers are different depending on where u live. The thing that uses that most energy in your monitor.


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  • Aloha, and thanks for the reply. I also received an e-mail message from DELL customer support with specific power use figures. If you would like I can send them along to you.

  • A DELL technician responded to my question with information based upon my particular computer system. It's very likely a different answer would apply to your system. Perhaps you would get a direct reply, too, by sending your quention (and system configuration) to the DELL technical question site.