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Dell OptiPlex GX620 fan upgrade.

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I bought my OptiPlex refurbished thinking that I would turn it into a low end gaming rig. I upgraded the ram, installed a graphics card, and upgrade the cpu along with a OptiPlex 755 heat sink. The computer runs just fine but when the fan gets up to high RPM's its pretty loud and annoying. I have a brand new Cooler Master JetFlo 120 fan but the fan has a 4 pin connector and the computer has a 5 pin plug. I tried removing the plastic around the plug because the 5th pin wasn't even being used and without the plastic the fan would go in just fine. This became to difficult and I was risking damaging the mother board. Is there any kind of 4 pin to 5 pin connector? If there isn't I'm pretty good the my hands and could probably cut the 4 pin off and connect the 5 pin to the new fan. Please help.

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