Buyer Beware - Dell XPS 2720 - Service Issues Power Supply


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Buyer Beware - Dell XPS 2720 - Service Issues Power Supply

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I am the owner of 3 Dell XPS 27" all in ones.  I have a 2710 and two 2720's.  Recently, one of my 2720's refused to boot, so I place a service call with Dell.  Turns out the power supply shorted the motherboard, so both the motherboard AND power supply have to be replaced.  To date and 15 business days later, my $2,000 XPS system is still not functioning.

I've had to take two days off work for two separate service calls, both of which Dell sent the incorrect power supply.  After hours on the phone trying to sort this out and the onsite service technician taking pictures of the issue, I am still without the use of this computer.

For a device that is supposed to have next business day service, Dell has FAILED miserable on this repair.  Not to mention the overseas call centres are useless and could care less how much down time i've had.

I have been a faithful Dell consumer for many years, this will be the LAST Dell product I ever purchase.  There is no where to escalate this issue within my own country, and I was told not to contact Dell anymore because they are 'working on resolving the issue'.  This is totally unacceptable of such a large company.

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  • I am having the same issue did you ever get it fixed properly and were you able to do all yourself easily?


  • I did end up getting this resolved, but it took a lot of yelling and about 30 days (15 phone calls and about 4 hours of being on the phone).  They sent the service person out twice with the wrong part, in the end, they actually ended up shipping me a brand new replacement unit.

    I love this machine, but Dell service and warranty simply sucks.  The overseas call center is next to impossible to escalate any issue without jumping through hoops.  I was at the end of my rope, if it took any longer than it did, I would have sent the unit back and had my Visa provider provide me a refund and fight with Dell.

    It was the WORST service and most FRUSTRATING thing I've gone through in a long time.  I still don't think they've transferred my extended warranty from the old machine to the new one they replaced it with.