My Dell inspiron 660 s power button turns orange but does not power on


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My Dell inspiron 660 s power button turns orange but does not power on

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My pc does not power on even though the power button light turns orange

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  • Hi Charles Tufuor,

    Request you to try following the below steps which might help:

    (1) Turn off the computer.

    (2) Remove all the external peripherals like Power supply, flash drives, all the connectors, etc.

    (3) Press and hold the power button for 30sec which releases the static on the computer (if any).

    (4) Now reconnect all the cables and try turning on the computer.

    (5) Check if the computer gives any beeps codes.

    (6) Also check the PSU LED as shown in the below picture:


    (7) You may also try using a known good power supply (if available) and check if it helps.

    (8) Also try using a known good external monitor (if available) and check if it helps.

    (9) I would also like you to reconfirm the system model as Inspiron 660S does not come with a amber power light.

    Do reply with your answers.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Kiran Kumar
    Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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  • We have had three (of roughly 30) of the 660s computers delivered to us with the same issue. After running through all of the tests, it was a faulty PSU. We had the luxury of having multiple 660s to work with. I pulled a working PSU and tried in the PC in question. It fired right up. Two of the three we returned the bad PSU after Dell mailed a new one out. The other instance, it was a bit more buggy than just the PSU, so we returned the machine. Dell has been great to work with on getting these issues resolved.