Issues with XPS 8700


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Issues with XPS 8700

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I just purchased the XPS 8700 and having some issues:

1. The NIC suddenly disappears (previously it was there) and not detected at all. I found some members encounters the same issue but no real solution to it.

2. Bluetooth not able to add new device. Tried with other workstation, no issue.

3. The driver download page is confusing, even I use my asset tags to determine the drivers, it seems not all my hardware are detected.

My questions are:

1. How do I bring back the NIC? I tried enable/disable it from BIOS, tried enable WAKE-ON-LAN, tried shutdown and power up. No success.

2. How do I check I am using the correct BT driver? There are Intel BT, Dell Wifi + BT, etc. I tried to install all of them, there's no unknown hardware in device manager and bluetooth icon is there in system tray, it just not able to detect any BT devices I have.

3. Which page to use to download the correct drivers? I supposed asset tag is unique and from there I should be presented only the drivers available for my hardware? How do I check the exact pieces and details info of component inside my system?

Please help, it's quite frustrating here because of no NIC I have to use WiFI which I don't prefer and not able to detect my BT devices means no sound for me since I'm using BT speaker and headset.

OS: Windows 8 X64, BIOS upgraded to A01, Monitor U2713HM.


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  • Hi vibranzeteh,

    Let's take this one step at a time. Boot to the BIOS and look for Advanced -- Onboard Device Configuration. Make sure the onboard LAN controller is enabled.

    With respect to drivers, I prefer using the Belarc system inventory utility to check for the exact hardware (I keep a print-out handy). Then I search drivers by model and grab the ones I need.

  • Do you have an Ethernet cable connected to your router or modem? Try changing the cable and checking it is plugged in properly.

    What does upgraded to A01mean? There are no other bios files. A01 is the initial bios. The download page for a01 says this--

    Previous Versions (bios)

    No previous version available.

    Use Internet Explorer to access the download page and allow popups. All your drivers are up to date. You should not update drivers on a new computer unless directed by support to solve a problem. Just run Windows update.

  • Hi Osprey4,

    Thanks for the advice, I already did that as I mentioned in my original post. I even enabled WOL in the hope to trigger the NIC back. I read somewhere this is due to the power management issue but no real solution to it.


  • Hi Mary G,

    As I stated in my original post, the cable and the network point was used by previous PC so we can rule out cable and network point.

    When I bought the PC, it came with BIOS version A00 and I upgraded it to A01 the first thing, the NIC still works after I upgraded the BIOS.

    I thought we should regularly check the drivers page and update it to the latest to have an optimal performance - ? :)

  • One more thing, my XPS 8700  came with Dell Wireless 1703 but the driver download page for XPS 8700 suggested Intel instead.

    DELL, please do something!


  • I can't connect to Bluetooth Devices either in my 8700 xps.  Has this issue been resolved?

  • Hi PhilaBist,

    Please share the Operating System installed. Also share which Bluetooth device you are trying to pair with the system.

    Post the complete error message that you get while you try to pair the device with the system. If possible share the screenshot of the error that you get. You may refer to the link for Dell article on 'Fix, Connect to and Learn About Bluetooth'.

    Please reply with the information. I'll be happy to assist you.

    Thanks & Regards
    Saharsh K
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  • Same here, no bluetooth functionality on my xps 8700.  When it searches for devices, it can't find my phone.  When I go to Bluetooth Settings and select "Allow devices to find this computer", I get an error saying "An error occurred while Windows was saving your settings.  The Bluetooth device might be unplugged."  This is Atheros driver which is the latest download from Dell.

  • Hi joe1024,

    Please share the 'Operating System' installed. Also, share if you have tried to connect any other bluetooth device to check functionality, if not please try to do so. Also, make sure that your phone bluetooth setting is set to 'Discoverable' for other devices to detect it. Bluetooth on XPS 8700 is integrated on the following WLAN Cards offered with the system:

    • Dell Wireless WLAN 1703 Half Mini-Card, 802.11 b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0.
    • Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 WLAN/BT.

    Share the screenshot of the Device Manager with Network Adapters expanded for me to identify which card is installed on your system. Here are the steps:

    • Press the key combination of 'Windows Logo' key + 'R' key to open 'Run' dialog box.
    • Type in 'devmgmt.msc' and click 'OK'.
    • The 'Device Manager' windows will appear.
    • Click on the sign next to Network Adapters to expand it.

    You follow the below mentioned steps to add a bluetooth device:

    • Click the Bluetooth icon on the system tray.
    • Click Add a Bluetooth Device.
    • Windows will scan and list available devices. Select the device to connect and enter the pass-code to connect.

    Note: If the pairing code is not entered within 40-45 seconds, then an error message 'Adding this device to this computer failed' appears on the window. Click 'Try Again' to start the process again.

    You may also refer to the link to read more about 'Fix, Connect to and Learn About Bluetooth'. This might help.

    Please reply if you have any questions.

    Thanks & Regards
    Saharsh K
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