Optiplex 755 BIOS update


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Optiplex 755 BIOS update

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How can i update the bios on my 755 without windows installed on the machine.

Is there a utility I can use to update the bios via a floppy or usb drive?



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  • Hi vfguy,

    Welcome to the Community.

    Please click the link mentioned below for the latest BIOS:


    Click on installation instructions. It has the details of the installation using DOS.

    NOTE: Ensure that system does not turn off using BIOS update.

    Thanks & Regards
    Manshu S

  • HP produced a utility for formatting a USB flash drive as DOS-bootable, and flash drives so formatted are what I use for BIOS updates on my machines.

  • Any Memory Key can be made bootable as if it were a hard disk drive under most operating systems.

    Windows-based Format Utility - This utility can be used to format the Memory Key, add an active partition, and transfer basic MS-DOS system files to the Memory Key. This utility is not limited as to the memory key size (MB).


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