Inspiron 660 won't wake up


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Inspiron 660 won't wake up

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Just got a Dell Inspiron 660 this week. Spent a lot of time moving documents and installing programs. Left the computer on while I ate supper and worked on the old computer for a few hours, getting some other matters arranged. Came back to the Dell and it won't wake up. Moved the mouse. Tapped on the keyboard. Finally saw the log in screen long enough to enter the password, but nothing happened and the monitor went black again. Checked all the cables. Searched the Dell support area and only saw gobblity-gook articles that did not seem relevant. Chat is closed down for the night. Email is not available to me for some unknown reason. I ordered this computer directly from Dell. I thought I got some support for at least a month! This is more than a little annoying.I thought Dell support was better than this.

Any ideas on what would wake up the computer? How to avoid this issue again? How to get better support?

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  • Hi jegs1,

    You will have to change the power management settings of the keyboard and mouse so that it wakes up your computer. Please follow the steps mentioned below to enable a feature "Allow this device to wake the computer"

    1.    Open ‘Device Manager’ by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type ‘Device Manager’, and then, in the list of results, click ‘Device Manager’.
    2.     When the device manager pops up, in the list please check for ‘keyboards’ and ‘Mice and other pointing device’ in the device manager.
    3.    Click on the arrow mark beside ‘keyboards’ and ‘Mice and other pointing device’.
    3.    Right click on the keyboard and mouse installed on your computer.
    4.    There you should find the ‘Power management’. Where you will be able to setup "Allow this device to wake the computer"
    5.   Click on ‘OK’ and restart the computer to check for the issue.

    Also, please let me know the region you are located so that I could provide you the technical support number.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • I finally had to pull the power plug and replug to get the computer on. It booted with a small update, apparently.

    I checked the keyboard and mouse properties from the Device Manager. (Your directions skipped a step) but both were already set to 'Allow this device to wake up the computer.' I knew that from previous sleep events from which I was able to wake up the computer.

    I am in USA.

  • Hi jegs1,

    I’d suggest that you update the Video card drivers on the system to check for the issue resolution.

    Please follow the link below. When the page comes up please put in the service tag of your computer.
    Then go ahead and download the Video card drivers, after selecting the operating system installed on your computer, from the link below.

    Please let me know if this helps.

  • I have same problem.


    I followed your instructions and found the settings you recommendations were already in place.


    I have to press the start button on my computer to get the machine to wake up.


    What's up with that?

  • I have the same problem too with a Inspiron 660S and Inspiron 5521 Laptop. it is extremely frustrating.

    Any help on this would be appreciated, setting checked and all ok. I have another Inspiron 660s and that is fine....

    Help please this is driving me crazy!!!

    I'm in the UK

  • This can happen if the computer is set to hibernate.

    XPS M1530, Windows 10 Pro 32-bit
    Inspiron E1705, Windows 10 Pro 32-bit
    Dimension 9100, Windows 10 Pro 32 bit
    Inspiron 660, Windows 8.1.1 - 64 bit
    Compaq DX 4370G, Windows 10 - 64 bit
    Asus T100 Tablet, Windows 10 - 32 bit

  • Neither are set to hibernate. it's very odd and very intermittent - for example I left the Inspiron 660s on overnight last night and this morning it woke with the mouse with no problem.

    Last night, however, after only one hour it went to sleep and the only way I could wake it was by pressing the power button to force it to shutdown and because some programmes were open it had to ask me if I wanted to force hem to close....

    It is very odd because when it won't wake u, I'm clicking and moving the mouse and the monitor power light goes from orange to white as if it is waking up, then it displays "Going into power saving mode.." and switch off again....

    Very weird and very frustrating...

  • I've also checked the sleep settings etc to wake by keyboard or mouse...

  • Was just using my PC and the screens went off suddenly and screens entered power saving mode.... wouldn't wake and had to re-start...

    What is going on.... seems it's not when it's sleeping, it just happens.

    I there a diagnostic check I can run, could it be the graphics card?