Dell Dimension 5100c Motherboard Case Compatibility (With 5100)


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Dell Dimension 5100c Motherboard Case Compatibility (With 5100)

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I have found a replacement motherboard for a very reasonable price from a 5100c / 5150c for my 5100 (Pentium 4) PC which has been dead for a few months now and I was wondering if this is a direct swap for my 5100? I know the 5100c motherboard has no PCI slots but I don't have use for them.


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  • For starters, just looking at the 2 motherboard diagrams, the mounting holes don't seem to be in the same places:

    5100C  page 43

    5100     page 61 

    Don't know what they want on eBay, but you can find 5100 motherboards here for $60, here and here for $70, here for $89, and here for $130.

    Sure you really need a new motherboard?

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  • Hi, the price for the motherboard WITH a CPU and 4GB of RAM is included! Which makes it a bargain!

    If you look at the motherboards themselves, all four mounts seem to line up with each other. Only the bits and bobs on the motherboard are in different places, however the mount hole right next to the audio jack and the mount next to the PCI-e jack is in the same position, and it looks the same for the other side.

    The only ones that won't work are the bottom ones but thats obvious as they motherboard is smaller and there is no need for them.

    Please can someone get back to me ASAP,


  • Anyone?

  • Please this is urgent, if I can buy the motherboard I have my eyes on I would be the happiest man alive, My Dell will shine once again :)

  • I suggest a 5100 motherboard from eBay.

  • Thanks but if I can fit the 5100c motherboard in there I have future upgrade options as the 5100c motherboard has higher spec and can support better CPU's. It already comes with a better CPU and 4GB of RAM. Did I mention it is cheaper then buying a used 5100 motherboard.

    Also, I've looked at the pictures of both motherboards, the only two holes that DON'T line up are the ones below/next to the CPU.

    I just need to know if the CPU will line up with the CPU heatsink from a 5100.

  • It's not something I would recommend, but you can try.

    The old Dell BTX cases, having their IO shields stamped directly into the chassis, were designed for specific motherboards. Be aware of the back panel!

  • Aww yes I just thought of that. I forgot thinking it was a clip off.

    The motherboard is different by only an addition firewire port on the 5100c board which again, I don't see as a problem.

    All I need to know is once fitted will the heatsink etc line up?

  • Can't help you on the heatsink ... I've never tried the swap myself.

    It's the XPS 7100 and Dimension 3000 where I have experience with motherboard swaps.

  • Anyone? All the help I can get is appreciated!

    By looking at both motherboard diagrams I can see that all but one mounting hole match up, and one hole is not that important (below/side of the heatsink area) The PC lays on its side anyway.

    I would just like to know if the heat sink etc won't be a problem? It shouldn't be to my understanding. I don't mind the rear IO panal, the only difference is a firewire port and I can simply cut a little hole there.

    Thanks again!

  • Sometimes you have to try these things for yourself.