How to reinstall ethernet driver software for Vista Home basic on Inspiron 530?


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How to reinstall ethernet driver software for Vista Home basic on Inspiron 530?

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I'm attempting to get this 2nd hand computer going for a charity.  It has a potentially bad power supply, but tends to turn on OK after being plugged in awhile before trying to power it on.

Anyway, it didn't come with any CDs/DVDs or manuals, much less the hard drive, which had failed.

I got a replacement hard drive, and bought a new copy of Vista Home basic OEM for this, and have been setting it up using a USB/Wireless network connection.  Its worked fine, in that regard. But the final home of the computer will not be equipped with a wireless hotspot.  So, now that I've got most of it going, I rigged a temporary location close enough to my verizon home router/hub to connect it manually via ethernet.  The problem is that I don't have drivers for the built-in ethernet device on this computer, and using the windows-update capability doesn't come up with suitable drivers either.

BTW, this ethernet connection is not via a PCI add-in card, it seems to be a built-in thing installed on the motherboard, so it can't be moved to any other "slot".

Where can I find the ethernet drivers for Vista Home basic to recognize the device on this Inspiron 530?


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  • I think you can get it from Realtek, the vendor. The Vostro 220s is the same as the 530, and that's where I got mine.

  • How can I tell which one to get?  I don't understand how to tell what that Realtek piece's  model number is, etc.


  • Install the gigabit network driver for Vista; I think it's bundled together with those of other versions.

  • Thanks, but there's also choices to be made between PCI, and PCI express.   Does it matter which?


    If that works, please mark the thread as answered for the benefit of others who may follow.

  • Downloaded it.   but Vista doesn't think that the driver is what my hardware needs.   I just downloaded the .zip file, went to the properties of the device and unloaded and deactivated whatever it thought it had, refreshed the screen and it prompted me to get the driver software....  I navigated to the .zip file and no luck.   Retried it after unzipping it, and no help.

    What should I be doing differently?

  • Is there an executable of some sort in the unzipped folder?

  • This may work:

  • No, there is not.   There's a security catalog file, a setup information file, a text document (note), a .sys file and two .dll files

  • That link took me to the same place to download the same .zip I already have.

  • You need to download the ZIP containing an executable.

  • Well, if anyone here has a clue about where that can be found, that would be useful then.


  • The 'autoinstall' for Vista file.

    Alternatively, you could try updating the device driver from the unzipped driver folder (32-bit version, which is what I'm presuming this 530 has installed).

    Dell's Inspiron 530s support page has a download for the Realtek driver, but I don't know if it's XP or Vista:

  • Ah, good suggestion thanks.   Found that other .zip file, unzipped it and ran the setup file.  Unfortunately the result is:

    "The Realtek network controller was not found.  If Deep Sleep Mode is enabled, Please plug in the cable."

    I'm assuming that's a negative result, but not yet sure.

  • Try something from this page or from the Dell download page I listed.

    Edit: it's not a gigabyte NIC; you have to use a driver from this page.