How to Remove the left side panel of a dell 720 xps


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How to Remove the left side panel of a dell 720 xps

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That I am looking to remove the left side on a Dell Computerl xps 720.
that and have run into a bit of wall which is to say it come off. Short of using a cutting torch I cannot seem to the panel remove. I am unsure if there is a lock which I cannot find. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you
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  • clab54

    It appears that only the right side of the XPS 720 case can be opened, to read the owners manual, use this link,




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  • Bev is correct the only way to remove the left side would be to completely strip down the case

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  • The cases are either welded or rivited in on the left side.  Its not designed to come off.

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