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Dell Inspiron 530 and Bluetooth

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530 and I am trying to connect a Bluetooth mouse to it.  As soon as I try to search for it, it returns that it cannot locate it and to check that my Bluetooth radio is attached and turned on.  I am pretty sure it had an internal Bluetooth radio, but I cannot find anything online about it.  Anyone know how I can check that?  Thanks!

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  • Hi,

    To help you with the issue, I would request you to provide the following details:

    1. Since when are you facing this issue?
    2. Is there any other Bluetooth Device that is able to connect?
    3. Does the Bluetooth driver show up in device manager?

    To access device manager, Click Start, Control Panel and open Device Manager.

    You may also update the Bluetooth drivers from the following link:

    Once the driver is updated Click Start > Control Panel, Hardware and Sound > Bluetooth Devices > Add, and then follow the instructions.

    In case the computer was working fine few days back, I would recommend you to do a system restore and take the system to a prior date when it was working fine. At times it happens due to the updates not being properly installed on the system. To perform System Restore click on the link below:

    You can refer the Dell Article 277550 on by clicking

    Thanks & Regards
    Manshu S

  • To my knowledge, the 530 does not have an integral Bluetooth radio. If you haven't added a third party one, you need to do so for your mouse to work.

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