Dell Dimension 5150 running XP dual boot for Windows 7 64 bit


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Dell Dimension 5150 running XP dual boot for Windows 7 64 bit

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I have an older Dimension 5150 running XP on drive 0 and it functions fine. I did a dual boot installation and now have Windows 7 64bit (only disc I had) on the drive 1 that is functioning fine EXCEPT the internet is not working. It does recognize the Intel adapter but shows an Ethernet error. I tried downloading the driver but it says it is not found. I did this because the disc I had with Windows 7 is 1TB while my XP disc is 500GB and over 60% full. Did I just waste my time? I have 4GB memory and it appears to run all the other programs fine in Windows 7 mode and absolutely no issues in XP mode.

Any suggestions or help is appreciated.


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  • Is wireless an option? Sometimes, once Windows 7 is connected to the Internet it can seek out missing drivers online, download them, and install them.

    Another alternative, if the driver can't be found, is to install a third party network card.

  • I have wireless card in that works in XP mode. When I search for conflict in Windows 7 mode it says it is missing the driver for ethernet. When I look at devices in XP mode under the network it does show a driver for Super G Wireless Adapter by Blitzz Technologies that is not present in Win7 mode.

  • Again, I cannot access the internet when running in Win7 mode. It will not recognize the router and I am guessing it is because of the missing ethernet adapter, even though the Network driver is showing as working and no conflict. If I shut down and reboot in XP mode there is no conflict and it easily connects to the wireless router.

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