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Optiplex 980 3-2-4 beep code + 3 4 Amber indicator light + Solid Blue Power Button

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I have an Optiplex 980 (small form factor)

when I turn it on, I get the 3-2-4 beep code

and the indicator amber light shows on 3 and 4

and the power button is BLUE. then the machine stays on and no display.

I have already disconnected all peripherals (video card, HDD, memory, even CMOS battery)

the machine has 2x4GB memory modules, I was able to replace both of them with 1x4GB memory module ( I got from dell) but still get same problem.

any ideas please? should I change the motherboard?


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  • 3-2-4 Beep Code = Keyboard Controller Test failure

    Diagnostic LEDS 3 & 4 = Memory modules are detected, but a memory power failure has occurred.

    Reboot and press F12, choosing the Boot to the Utility Partition option from the new boot menu marks the utility partition active and boots the system into the 32-bit System Diagnostics (assuming the partition exists and is properly populated). Run the diagnostics.

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  • I have a computer with the same problem, the beeper and LED 3 and 4 on. Already tried with other memories and does the same. I do not understand like press f12 if no video.