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Error: Alert! Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [nnnn].

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Please help this has been happening for a while now. I dont know what is causing it. It has been a month or so.

Alert! Previous attempts at booting this system have failed at checkpoint [nnnn]. For help in resolving this problem, please note this checkpoint and contact Dell Technical Support —   The computer failed to complete the boot routine three consecutive times for the same error (see Contacting Dell for assistance).

I believe that is the error, It goes so fast i never have time to figure it out. I read only parts of it. I have changed the powersupply and all the fans. I even put this dell into a new case! Yes, it has been done. It is currently a Dell 530s from November of 2008.

The issue can be resolved by removing the usb ports in the back. Should i buy extra usb addons from my tech astore and use those or is there a fix to this really irritating problem. Dell Technical support over the phone was not much help :(.

Can I please get a solution.

The computer tries to boot several times until it actually does. What is the problem?

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  • catobo17 and rasmus1, hi its been a long time, over a year actually. I'm sorry catobo17 if you ever see this for my late reply. I have however fixed my problem. I rebuilt my entire system into a new case and a new ps. New power wires and connectors. New power supply. For what? I had the same problem. But then i learned to fix it. WHat the problem is well its a bad circuit i guess. To solve it, you want to hold the power button down for a good two seconds every time you turn on the computer. Whenever you push that power button hold it down and say "one Mississippi two Mississippi" at a fast pace then let go of the power button. It should solve the problem. Whenever you press the power button hold it down for a good one - two seconds. This is what i do but i don't use that desktop much anymore. But holding down the power button always works i haven't received that error in well over a year.

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