Ethernet not working... Dell Optiplex 745


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Ethernet not working... Dell Optiplex 745

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Hello all, I recently uninstalled windows. I then made my 160 GB drive into 3 partitons, one for windows, one for linux, and one for OS X. Yeah, on a dell. OSx86. you should check it out :)

So, i then reinstalled windows, and thats where i am now. I use this driver,, but when i install this driver, it doesnt work? I run the file, hit install, let it run, reboot my comp, when i am at the windows home screen i plug in my ethernet cord. but  the computer doesnt read the cord. i have confirmed that it works by plugging it into another computer, so it is with my comp. i installed the chipset and NIC. i was planning to install the rest through windows update, but since i can't access the internet i cant. i have been on dell support chat 3 times, but all 3 they can't fix it...

You guys are my last hope. Please help.

Also, my fans run very loudly. I have the case always left open becuase i am always switching GeForce nVidea 8400 GS. this model graphics card has a fan built in. can you guys help?

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  • I got it working by installing a different Wireless network card. Thank you all very much... not really :P

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  • Hi Sirguy,

    Do you see any problems with your network card in device manager?

  • thanks for the reply.

    I am on a Desktop, the optiplex 745, using an Ethernet cord. So i dont have a network card... but i will check, just because your username is a falcon :)

  • You should mention what version of windows is installed. Most often the network card problem is caused by skipping the Desktop System Software which must be installed first when you reinstall windows xp. If that is not installed first along with the chipset, the other drivers do not install properly. The driver site is working now and the DSS is here:

  • No, there is no Network card option in Device Manager... But i swear i installed the driver!

  • I got it working by installing a different Wireless network card. Thank you all very much... not really :P

  • download the network driver that comes up when you look at your service tag, uninstall the other one first

    or use slim drivers free.  

    what osx68 dvd did you use and what kexts/ customizations ?

    help me Obi wan, you are  my only hope

  • I use an Alfa USB anyway - it is very fast