optiplex 320 solid yellow/amber power light


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optiplex 320 solid yellow/amber power light

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This PC is out of warranty, and from what I read, the problems I had of a dying system were either the power supply or the motherboard. Slight possibility of front panel board. I chose to replace the motherboard. It's all put back together the same way now. When I plug in the power cord, the power button lights up and stays orange/yellow/amber and fan does not start, etc. When first replaced motherboard and first started up, I did get a few seconds of fan and some beeps, and then it went down again... NO chance to check beep codes or anything. I have disconnected and reconnected all onboard cables, new battery, reinstalled memory. Power supply? Or throw in towel? Thanks in advance, Emily
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  • Hi Emily,

    Are you getting anything from the diagnostic lights?

  • No, there are no other lights.

    The AUX led is on, on the motherboard, and the powerlight is on amber/orange/yellow as soon as I plug in the power cord.

    And I can press, or press+hold power button but nothing changes.

    Well perhaps I am losing my mind. I just unplugged everything and moved the computer, replugged everything and now get nothing at all when power button is pressed or held.


  • Symptoms are pointing to a power supply problem.

  • Seems like the power supply has failed.

    Its hard to say otherwise unless you test with a known good power supply.

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  • Thank you - since I don't have another similar machine, I will order a power supply and replace it - I'll post an update after that!

  • Hello,

    Did you fix that PC then? Was it power supply or the front panel?

  • Hi-

    I have the optiplex 960 minitower and i have diagnostic lights #1 and #2 blinking amber and the power button solid amber when trying to turn on pc.....pc does not boot, however video card fan works as well dvd and cd trays open up......

    is this a faulty power supply ?