upgrade / change motherboard PRECISION 690


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upgrade / change motherboard PRECISION 690

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I have a precision 690 sation (intel xeon 5140 processor) since october 2006. Today I need a more powered processor, but I think the case, power supply etc... is still good.

Is it possible to buy and change only motherboard and processor ? Can I buy it from dell ? On Dell website I don't find information about that.


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  • Hi Torto-proton,

    A five year old Dell case makes for a very poor starting point for upgrading a system. Dell cases are difficult to fit generic motherboards and other connectors. I'd suggest you start from scratch and build a new system.

  • Hello Osprey

    Thanks for your interest.

    Yes, your solution is the easier and may be the most logic... but sure the more expensive.

    Five years ago, this case was interesting for of it high quality (a picture of my PRECISION 690 on a Dell web page : support.euro.dell.com/.../driverslist.aspx ) .

    Today I think it's always true : Dell sell workstations with the same case called T7500 (www.dell.com/.../pd).

    I think it's better for me to buy only motherboard of T5700 and put it in my precision 690, because if I buy all the T5700 workstation I will have 2 cases witch are exactly the same.

  • You can certainly shop around for a T5700 motherboard and try to fit it, but you will definitely need a new power supply, CPU, RAM and other miscellaneous connectors and things.

  • Ok thanks Osprey.

    New power supply is not a problem, miscellaneous connectors and things either.

    CPU is the subject of my wish to change mother board.

  • So is it possible to buy Dell parts like motherboard and processor ? Where can I find this parts ?


  • What you need to look for is another system with the same case but a newer board.  Even then what you want to do is fraught with possible pitfalls.

    Given that you're going to drop significant money on a board and CPU, RAM, etc., - either buy a new system, or build one.   Note, however, that if you build your own, the Dell copy of Windows will not work with a non-Dell board.

  • Hello ejn63

    Thank you very much for your interest and your answer.

    Yes it's clearly not the easier solution, but not impossible. I have build some computers in the past and I'm not affraid about that.

    When I bought my worksation in 2006, there was a windows XP dell copy on the PC. But since, I updated to Vista, then Seven. My Vista and Seven DVDs are "normals" copy, not Dell copy. So I think it's not a problem too.

    For me the problems are : find T7500 Dell motherboard with CPU informations and find a place to buy it (and of course find the price).

    I will call Dell technical hotline, I 'll back here after to send back their answers.

  • Hi

    I'm coming back to up my post.

    I have talk to someone on Dell online chat (commercial chat), but she asked me to phone technical service.

    So I called technical service, and of course a man said to call commercial service...

    I think I have to write a paper letter like before internet, so I will do it this evening.

    BUT if someone on this forum can help me, I'll very happy !


  • Dell will not sell parts for that purpose.

    There are other vendors that do sell parts and then there is Ebay and Amazon.

    My Issue is that many of these "Parts" are used stripped from Broken/defective systems so you are starting with a bad system and trying to make it better.

    If you google " Dell D881F"

    Dell Precision T7500 LGA1366 Motherboard 1100w Power Supply Case ...

    Shopping results for Dell D881F

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    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • Thank you very much Speedstep

    This is a good answer ! I'm not very happy that I can't buy a new motherboard from Dell...

    But may be I can find a serious seller on e-bay like this one ? : http://www.ebay.com/

    Any way, I will send a letter today to Dell, may be they can sell one motherboard to a costumer ?

    So I don't mark this post answered and I will be back in a few day to tell my news.

    (sorry for my bad english)