Dell Inspiron 530 not booting up


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Dell Inspiron 530 not booting up

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Hello friends,

I have a Dell Inspiron 530 Desktop. It stopped all of a sudden while I was working on it. When I try to turn it on I see the following Behaviour:

1 . Fans are running very fast as they do when system starts but they are running continuously.

2. I see a yellow light on mother board.

3. I see steady Yellow light on the power on button, which used change to blue color when system was working.

4. no beep sounds.

I tried removing all internal wires and placing them back, no change.

Please Help me.



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  • Hi Suman,

    Here is the troubleshooting guide for your system. The steady amber light can indicate a bad power supply but it sounds to me like you have a different problem. My suggestion would be to bring it to a local shop for service.

  • Hi Ospery,

    I tried removing all the plugs and placing them back and also tried with brand new power adaptor. No luck. I am out of warranty :(

  • Hi Suman and Osprey,

    I'm having a similar problem with my Inspiron 530. My system doesn't boot at all. The external power indicator light stays dark. However the yellow light on the motherboard lights up when the system is plugged in. Otherwise, even the fans don't turn. Have either of you found anything more that might help?