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XPS 8300 Second hard drive

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I have XPS 8300 that came with Windows 7 Home Premium, I tried adding a second hard drive that I took out of my old dimension 530 that has Windows 7 Profesional but I can get it to work. I tried most everything with no luck. Am I doing anything wrong or is there a way to do this.

Thank you

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  • Do you have the SATA data cable connected? Is the drive recognized in the BIOS (setup)not recognized?  or are you trying to boot with it?  As there is different hardware it won't boot or boot correctly. 

    More info is needed for someont to try and help you.

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  • SATA cable is connected. I tried dual boot, didnt work, tried drive alone, tried disc repair, didnt work. Cant get in far enough to check on the BIOS

  • Define getting it to work. Are you wanting to use the disk as a second drive for storage, or are you wanting to "Boot" from the disk and use the more advanced feature in Windows Professional? I assume you have the cables connected to the disk! Windows has a problem with two disk containing a System being installed at the same time. If a hard drive is removed from one computer and inserted in another computer, windows will turn the second disk off. The first thing to check is has windows turned the disk off.

    Click on Start

    Right Click on Computer

    Click Manage

    Look down near the bottom of the tree that appears on the left, look for Storage. Below this you should see Disk Management.

    Click on Disk Management

    Wait,,, you should see a message saying, Connecting to virtual disk service at the bottom of the small window that was to the right of the disk management you just clicked on.

    When information appears in the window, expand it. Look and see if the drive you just installed is listed. Your original drive should be listed as drive "O" and the new drive should be listed as "1"

    Is the drive listed as drive "1" showings as being active or is it being show as "OFF"

    Exit from here back to you Desktop.

    Now we go to an elevated Command prompt.

    Click on Start

    Click on Accessories

    Right click on Command Prompt

    Click on Yes

    A DOS Command window should now be open on the screen.

    Do not get creative or decide to try "What IF" here.

    Enter the following, depress enter after each entry and wait for a blinking cursor before entering the next entry.



    (You may or may not get another window after entering this)

    List Disk


    (You should now see which disk can be physically be seen, they will also be listed as offline and online.)

    Select Disk X

    (X - will be the disk number that is being show as off line - should be disk 1 - Disk "O" is the primary drive)


    Online Disk


    (Wait) (You should see a message saying the disk is now on line)



    Now click on "Start"

    Right click on "Computer"

    Do you see the disk listed now? You should see your primary drive as "C" and the new drive as "D" or some other listing.

    Assuming the disk is listed as "D" place the cursor on the drive and right click. Now select formatfrom the drop down memu. This will remove everything from the drive and you will be able to use it for storage.

    If you are no longer using the Windows Professional on the other machine, and have the product code number you may consider doing a "Anytime" upgrade and have Professional on this machine. You can access the anytime upgrade through the "Control Panel. Click on the Anytime Upgrade and then enter the product code number for Professional. If you encounter an activation problem when you select activate now, activate by phone. The call is quick, pain and charge free.

  • I will try to do as you say later. have to go doctors appointment. Ill let you know what happened then


  • Ok am back. Both hard drives show as online. When I restart the computer it shows 2 options, Windows 7 (drive 0) and ramdisk options (I imagine thats drive 1, but it stillcant get windows to open on that drive. I already did a repair on it and still the same. Windows only opens form drive 0. The reason I dont format or do an anytime upgrade is because I have some files on windows pro hard drive there is some files there that I need. But if i was able to do the dual boot I then I wouldnt have to worry about lossing them ( I know, I should have backed it up before, just didnt think I was going tohave this problem.

  • Dual Booting is what I thought you had in mind or wanted to do. That is somewhat involved if it works. I know some people who have had success with "Dual Booting" from the same Hard Drive, different parititons with both operating systems installed on the same computer and others that have had disasters. Your call, here is Microsofts instructions on how to do: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Change-the-default-operating-system-for-startup-multiboot. The problem with trying to "Multi-boot" with a configuration such as your are proposing is like taking a Windows 7 Ultimate  Hard Drive out of another computer, insert the Hard Drive in your computer running Windows XP and expect to see Windows 7 Ultimate Boot Up. This is not going to happen. I don't know of anyone who has had great success with this.

    Good luck in your endeavor.

  • I forgot to add, have you tried access the disk with Windows Explorer. If you can Access the disk with Windows Explorer you can copy the information or files off and onto the hard drive in your computer or point the program you want to use to the file location, ie d:\documents\(file name)

  • Thats what I wanted to do, dual boot with two different hard drives, with Windows 7 home premium and Windows 7 Profesional. But I was able to copy my files, I right click My computer then right click on the drive I couldnt access then click open and i was able to copy the files that way. Still wish I could have done the dual  boot with both hard drives.

    Thank very much for your help.

  • i went thu this and added hard drive, it shows that it is online, but when i  exit and right click computer, it is not showing up.