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Dimension E521 USB Keyboard and Mouse Install In Windows XP

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I have searched Dell's forums as well as other forums looking for this particular issue and not been able to find it.  So please direct me to the correct thread if it exists.  I work as a computer tech for a small ISP and computer repair shop.  A customer brought in their Dell Dimension E521 and I am trying to get into Windows XP to work on it. When I plug in a USB keyboard and/or mouse, I CAN get into the BIOS, or prompt it to boot into safe mode.  However, when Windows loads up, I cannot get either the keyboard or mouse installed so that I can input directions.....  In normal mode, Windows does detect the mouse and or keyboard, sees it as a new device and wants to install it.  However, I cannot click or tab or use the input devices yet because they are not installed yet.....  When I boot to safe mode windows gives me two profiles to choose from and I can't click or tab to either one to select them.  Since this computer has no PS2 or Serial ports, I am at a loss as to what to do to get the peripherals installed.  I've tried mouse and keyboard on all 6 ports, (2 front and 4 rear).  Hoping that the previous installs would work.  No success.  I've used DELL keyboards and mice, as well as logitech and some of the most basic units I can find.  I have even tried PS2 keyboards and mice with a USB adapter.  Again the computer and OS recognize the hardware and want to install drivers, but I cannot select any of the options given to proceed with the install.  Help please!

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  • I too am having the same problem. I have tried several answers from the net. Adding the hardware wizard tweak. Enabling manual services. And repairing the Infcache.1 file but still pops up with the Hardware wizard wanting to add the hardware. If anyone has an answer to this issue without reinstalling (don't have the CD for this its a windows Media Center XP edition. Only have Home and Pro editions.) Would be helpful as CAKE.