Hello, I have a Dell Dimension 3000, bios revision A03 , running XP Home SP2 (sometimes SP3)
It seems I cannot read from my external USB drive, nor my camera, nor my cell phone.

(USB sticks seem to work through). 

All these devices work fine on other machines. I simply plug them in, and they appear as drive letters

on the other machines.

Ive tried a full system restore,  system restore + XP2 latest updates,

system restore + XP3, and dozens of incremental combinations.

Ive also uninstalled all USB ports from the device manager as well.

The errors vary from unknown device, to simply '0 bytes' in the 'My Computer' for one of the devices.

There are no drives listed in the 'Compueter -> Manage' section either.
Ive scoured the setupapi.log for clues.

One clue, when I installed a cracked XP-Pro all the devices were readable,

but I want to solve this problem with the proper XP-Home installation I purchased with this setup.

Ive literally spent about 2 weeks trying to solve this problem, so Im desperate to solve this.

Any hints much appreciated!




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