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Floppy Disk Problem

  • After each boot up or reboot, if I click on Windows Explorer, Defrag, or attempt to open a file in my zip drive, the Floppy Drive light comes on and the drive activates for a few seconds. This only happens once. Will not happen again until I reboot or boot up again the next morning. So far Dell support has not been able to come up with a solution. Any solutions out there? Thanks,

  • What type of antivirus software are you running? Is it set to check floppies on access and to check zips or other files upon opening? You might want to check the options of your antivirus software. I use McAfee and there are options of what to scan and when. Some settings will allow it to scan floppies when you really don't need them to.

    Hope this is helpful.

  • Thanks Dan. That was one of my first thoughts also so I uninstalled my Virus program and the problem was still there. So far I have done everything that Dell Support could come up with in four days including them replacing the Floppy and nothing seems to help. They, Dell, is anxious for a work around also as they say this is "very unusual"

  • I also had this problem and tried all the usual solutions with no luck. Then I found out that the program HiJaak 95 (and some other versions) will cause this to happen. There is a registry fix for it that works most of the time, so if you have HiJaak and would like the information, please just let me know. One other thing...the version of HiJaak called HiJaak Express does not cause random access of the floppy drive. I have it on two different computers with no problems.
  • Jan;

    I don't have HiJaak so guess this is not the answer. Thank a million for your E-mail.

  • fredkay,

    You've probably been thru these items already but here's a classic DT favorite.

    The random scanning of the A: drive is probably due to one of several possible things:

    Items in the Documents folder. Click Start, Settings, Taskbar and take the option to empty the Documents folder. If one of the items in this folder was run from the A: drive it will try to access at random times.

    Item from the A: drive in the Start, Run command window. Click Start, Run. If you ran something from the A: drive here, it will remain until the next time you run a program. Run something else from the Run command line to fix this. (Anything....sysedit will do.

    You may have an anti-virus program installed that is configured to scan the floppy drive at boot. Turn the off the boot floppy scan (see the software documentation to determine how to accomplish this. If you've got McAfee, you can right click on that "V" down in the system tray on the bottom right of your screen and choose "Properties". Then uncheck the box in the "Scan floppies on" section that says "Shutdown", click "OK", and you should be set. ).

    If you had an Explorer Window open to the A: drive when you shut the system down, when Win95 reloads Explorer it will try to scan the floppy drive.

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  • Conrads:

    While all your suggestions are good, I have already tried each and everyone and the problem is still there. Can't tell you how many different things have been tried includingDell Diag, MSCONFIG, cleared the NV RAM, only thing left is reinstall Windows which I am not in the mood for.

    Thanks for your help.