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Inspiron 660, Windows 8 and PCIe card

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I purchased a Insprion 660 to act as my media center.  I used up all of the internal SATA ports for my hard drives and optical drive.  I wanted to add more SATA ports, so I purchased a SIIG SATA II PCIe card (SC-SAE012-S2).  When I plug the card into any of the internal PCIe ports, the operating system does not detect the card.  I can install the drivers, but Device Manager tells me that the drivers can't load.  I installed the card into another PC and it works.  I suspect that none of the PCIe ports on my machine are active.  Is there something I need to do in the BIOS to activate them?

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  • I know you said you have the most up 2 date bios but flash them anyway with the card in it. trust when I you could have a bad bios install. Shhh. It happens.

  • I have exactly the same problem!

    I was using an HP desktop previously, with a PCIe SATA raid card and external hard drives.

    When I upgraded to Dell Inspiron 660, the PCIe SATA card is not detected at all.

    BIOS boot message from SATA card does not show, and no detection in Device Manager.

    The PCIe SATA card uses the Sil-3132 chipset, same as yours.

    I tried this PCIe SATA card in several other PC's, and it is detected in all!

    So Dell seems to have a big bug in their desktop BIOS in detecting PCIe add-in cards.

    These PCIe SATA add-in cards are still widely sold on Amazon and Newegg, so there must be a lot of them out there.

    I hope Dell fixes this in their next BIOS update.

    Anyone know what is the best way to report this to Dell in hopes it will get fixed?

  • To me, this is a very serious problem that Dell seems to have with their Inspiron 660.  I too have a PCIe card that fails to be detected by this system.  The card is an Asus My Cinema-PE9400Combo tv tuner.  Oddly enough it works perfectly in an older Dell that I have (Studio 540s)!  Are any PCIe cards being detected in any of the PCIe 1x slots?

    Here's another example of the same issue:

    Looks like it is not just affecting SATA cards and tv tuner cards, but also sound cards as well.

    It seems that all the PCIe 1x slots are disabled.

  • After recently receiving my Inspirion 660, I was extremely disappointed when I tried to install my PCIe tv tuner card and found that it was NOT detected by the system.  My card is an Asus My Cinema-PE9400Combo tv tuner.  Many others in this forum have indicated that they are also finding that their Insprion 660 will NOT detect other PCIe x1 add-in cards such as PCIe SATA II, Hauppauge tv tuners, sound cards, etc.  IssueThe PCIe x1 card is plugged into the motherboard, but is not detected.  This is happening regardless if it is Windows 7 or Windows 8, so it is not an operating system issue.  In either case, the Device Manger does not show the add-in card, not even the yellow warning triangle.

    Searching through the forums I found this exact SAME PROBLEM was being encountered by XPS 8500 owners.  The GOOD NEWS for them is that Dell released a new BIOS update for the XPS 8500 and their PCIe issues are now resolved.  Please refer to the following thread:

    Under the "Fixes and Enhancements" for the updated XPS 8500 A09 BIOS, you can clearly see that line item "5." is a PCIe FIX!
    1. Fix that BIOS will show no boot device when booting into Windows 8 without keyboard attached.
    2. Update ePSA to 4220.10.                             
    3. Fix M117N graphics card can't enable secure boot and UEFI boot menu show half logo in screen.
    4. Fix RTC wakeup function will fail after AC lose.
    5. Fix Some PCIE1X cards can't be detected
    6. Update IvyBridge UEFI video BIOS to
    7. Update SandyBridge UEFI video BIOS to

    By the way, the VOSTRO 470 also HAD the same problem since it shares the same BIOS as the XPS 8500.

    Also, the Inspiron 660 issue also affects the Vostro 270 because they share BIOS’s!

    Dell needs to provide a BIOS update for the Inspiron 660 so we too can get our PCIe x1 cards working!
    The funny thing is that my PCIe tv tuner card works perfectly in an older Dell Studio 540s!  I did not expect to have this problem with a newer Dell system!

    Dell-Chris M:  Can you please escalate this problem to the Engineering team as you did for the XPS 8500?  This is a known issue from Intel / Dell.  I do not want to return this system back to Dell!

    Thank you!

  • We are not seeing any reports of this issue in the call centers. You six on our Forum is the only case we can find. The only PCIe x1 card we validated on the Inspiron 660 desktop was the - P380K PCI-e Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio.

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  • That's interesting Chris...because I talked to SEVERAL people there in technical support for what seems like 2 days solid...about the problems I was having with a card in the PCIe slots. 

  • Thanks for the offer Chris, but I don't think confirming the Creative PCIe sound card works would help me.

    I suspect it is a BIOS incompatibility issue between my eSATA RAID card and the motherboard.

    Does Dell have eSATA cards like the following you can purchase on Amazon:

    They all seem to be based on the same reference design, I imagine they are all identical.

    Perhaps these cards have some weird behavior, but I do know they work on my old PC and other PC's I tried and are widely sold online (Amazon, Newegg, etc.).

    These are very popular with people who have external RAID boxes, like myself and other posters.

    Unfortunately, I cannot use it from my new Dell, still have to rely on my older HP desktop, until I hope a new BIOS from Dell comes out, than I can eWaste my old desktop.

  • I am having the exact same issue with a PCI-E x 1 SATA RAID adapter- thought I had purchased 2 defective adapters in a row, but obviously that isn't the case!

    I have a Insprion 660 MT- and cannot access the bios on the raid controller PCI-E card when it is installed- the system (bios) doesn't see it the card, so it doesn't initialize.....

    What Gives Dell- we need a BIOS revision ASAP!!!

  • I just checked Dell website, and Dell also sells this card.

    It is Dell part # A1497032

    So it seems Dell does sell this card, but I bet it will not work in their Inspiron 660.

  • Hi joshbwepc,

    Do you know what chipset is on the PCIe SATA card you have problems with?

    Is it the Silicon Image Sil-3132? That is what is on mine that does not work in Inspiron 660.

  • Thanks for following up on this problem with the Inspiron 660.  No one can say why there are only 6 complaints about this issue.  Even if that is the case, it is 6 complaints too many for DELL.  I suspect that there are many, many others who have tried plugging in their PCIe cards and found that they are not detected.  A normal user would automatically assume that the card is DOA.  Many have RMA'd their cards only to find that their replacement cards don't work either!  Obviously the problem is with the 660 system not detecting the card, NOT the card itself. Some of these users had the luxury to test their PCIe cards in other older machines (DELL branded or otherwise) and found no issues with the cards being detected.  I had the same tv tuner card works fine with my old DELL Studio 540s, but fails to be detected in my new Inspiroin 660.  That is simply just not right.  I now no longer have Windows Media Center capability on my new Insprion 660 system! DELL sells the following WinTV-HVR-2250 PCIe Dual TV Tuner card on their site:

    Can Engineering test this card as well as the card that mnschu mentions (2-Port PCI Express eSATA Controller Adapter Card)? I honestly doubt that either of these cards will work if they are tested in the Engineering Lab with the Inspiron 660. Since Engineering was able to reproduce the "not detected" issues by testing PCIe cards on the XPS 8500 in the lab, they can test thosse cards on the Insprion 660 too and confirm the problem. We need your help to push the Engineering team to test this issue and ultimately implement a BIOS fix.  They have done it once, they can do it again!  Without your assistance, we may never see a fix for the Inspirion 660!

  • I sent the Dell PCIe x1 sound card (P380K PCI-e Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio) to jbt1964. He reported back that our Dell PCIe x1 sound card was recognized in all three PCIe x1 motherboard slots on his Inspiron 660. We released that card on 11/5/2008 and it is PCI-e version 1.0 compliant. So I have to wonder what version your non-working cards are?

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  • Chris,

    This is the TV tuner card that I personally tried continuously to get detected (including many hours on the phone with Dell tech support)...with no luck.  Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1800 Tuner Card (PCI Ex).  It works fine on another desktop.  I have even considered purchasing the WinTV-HVR-2250 PCIe Dual TV Tuner card from your website, but like the poster above, concerned about spending another $100. plus for another card that does not work on the Inspiron 660.

    I would really like to get to the bottom of the problem if possible as I am unable to use my new Inspiron for a primary purpose for which it was intended here, the Media Center.

  • I'm sorry, the version was as follows:

    Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1800 - ATSC HDTV / QAM receiver / analog TV / radio tuner / video input adapter - PCI Express x1

  • I'm not sure how to find the "version" you're referring to. Is this something physically on the card, or can I find it looking at the properties in device manager? Also, can you report on whether Dell has successfully recreated the problem, or if they intend to? I'll put my offer back out there, I have a Hauppage 1250 in my Inspiron 530 which Dell sold me back in 2007 -- so it's all very clean. It still works in the 530, but 660 won't recognize it. Should I let Dell borrow it? I'm not sure why crowd-sourcing a bunch of responses would be preferable to recreating the problem so you can debug it from there? You've confirmed my 660 is OK, I'm telling you the card is working right now as I type on my 530, why not go all in and recreate the problem? It's not just us 6 folks, you can do a quick google of "bios does not detect PCIe tv tuner" and discover it's a broad issue and a bios fix is required.