Inspiron 530 booting and USB memory stick


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Inspiron 530 booting and USB memory stick

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I have an Inspiron 530.

If I insert a USB memory stick and try and boot the boot progress bar goes to the half-way point displaying F2 setup and F12 Boot Options but the boot process then stops and neither the F2 nor the F12 keys work and the system does not boot.

If I then remove the USB and press the button on the PC the same thing happens and the PC does not boot - this got me worried.

However I then cycled the power at the wall socket and the PC (without a USB stick) booted correctly.

Why does having the USB memory stick in place lock the boot process?

Can I get the Inspiron 530 to boot from a USB, if so how?

The BIOS I have is 1.0.18 02/24/2009

The boot sequence is set to;

  • First Boot Device - Hard Disk
  • Second Boot Device - CDROM
  • Third Boot Device - Removable
  • Boot other Device - enabled

If I interrupt the boot sequence with F12 I see these options;

Hard Disk

- SATA-0

- Bootabale Add-in Cards


Utility Partition

There is no option that says USB.

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  • Hi insp530,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused, this usually happens when the USB port on the computer has gone bad or if the
    USB Flash drive is corrupted.
    Please try and insert the USB flash drive on to another USB port and check restarting the computer and check if it boots fine.
    The BIOS you’ve on this computer is the latest version, the BIOS boot sequence is set correctly on the computer.  

    Reply us with your findings..

    Thanks and Regards,
    Munawar P
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