THX Audio Control Panel not working.


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THX Audio Control Panel not working.

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I had to reinstall my operating system and lost all my Dell installed programs.

So I went to My Dell Downloads and downloaded; THX TRUSTUDIO PC (for Vista or Windows 7)

That got me this file; TAMB_DLA1D_2_LB_ABCD_R1_R254803

After installing I got the; THX Audio Control Panel

When the program opens it shows the; THX TruStudio PC control panel with the message; The current selected audio device is not supported by the application. Do you want to select another audio device now?

I'm given three options; follow Windows Default; Digital Audio (S/PDIF)(2-High Definition Audio Device); and Speakers (2-High Definition Audio Device)

All three devices come with the same message; The current selected audio device is not supported by the application. Do you want to select another audio device now?

How do I get this app working?

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  • Hi DavidLee2,

    I would like to check the system configuration.

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  • same problem with me..please help.

  • Hi kid_strato,

    What's your desktop model and operating system?

  • hi osprey.

    my desktop is dell studio xps 8100

    win 7 home premium.

    for your information,

    last week i had to sent my pc to dell coz motherboard and hardisk was broken and they have changed both of it.

    and i live in japan btw.

  • Are you trying to reinstall the operating system or is that already done? If your OS is installed, tell me exactly what you are trying to do with the THX utility.

  • they(dell)  had to  reinstall my os when i sent to them to repair. before this i upgrade the os to win8. since my pc is still under warranty, they had to reinstall my os to win7. the problem is same with first post. when i open the program, it says "The current selected audio device is not supported by the application. Do you want to select another audio device now?".

  • Ok, this is starting to make sense. If you check device manager, do all of the drivers appear to be installed correctly? You might want to check downloads for an updated audio driver.

  • hi, sorry coz replying late. i had checked all the driver and all installed correctly. but, how do i check if i want to??

  • Can you tell me the name of you audio adapter as it appears in device manager?

  • it says realtek high definition audio and intel display audio. the other one is my camera adaptor.

  • Does your default sound output look like this?

  • this..

  • No idea. Your setup appears to be just like mine.

  • owh ok..maybe i should refer to my regional dell person. thanx a lot btw. really appreciate your effort.

  • The issue is with Win7 and the Creative drivers - they have not updated the THX pannel.  However, there is an alternative XFI driver package that you can use that will correct the issue.  I use it on my XPS 730X - works perfectly.

    You'll want to first un-install ALL drivers and software for the XFI card using windows.  (DO NOT REBOOT YET)

    Then, download/install DriverSweeper and use it to additionally clean the remaining registry entries - it's very user friendly and easy to follow.  Just be sure to install the correct Driver Sweeper for your operating system... Once completed - reboot.

    Windows will load default drivers - that's okay.

    Search for the following on the internet: - Daniel K. mod drivers "SB Titanium Service Pack 2.5" ... works like a charm!

    REMEMBER: Run the SetUp under "Run as Administrator"

    If you have problems locating this fully-packaged installer (includes everything you'll need, including the THX) hit me back in this thread - I have a copy.