Dell MMS5650 Speakers Problem


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Dell MMS5650 Speakers Problem

  • I'm having some issues with my MMS5650 speaker system. The satellite speakers and the woofer work great, but there isn't anything but a hum coming out of the center, and I have to put my ear to the speaker to hear that. I can still control volume and power from it, it just doesn't produce audio. My speaker set up in windows is set to 5.1 but it seems to have the same problem regardless of the setting. I've seen a few similar issues on the forum, but their rear speakers didn't work either, so I'm pretty sure this is a different problem. Does anyone have any suggestions for this, or is my center speaker just dead? Thanks, David
  • My center speaker is crackling and the rear speakers are not working at all. The sound card is working properly

  • Hi mikeiron,

    Are you using Dell MMS5650 speaker system?

    If yes, ensure that the center speaker and rear speakers are connected to sub-woofer and the speaker system is configured appropriately in computer. You may refer to image below :

    If the issue persists, please share the system model in use along with operating system installed.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sundeep B
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