Dell XPS L502X not charging.

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Dell XPS L502X not charging.

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I have a Dell XPS L502X laptop bought in May 2012. While in warranty  (around April-May 2013) it had some serious heating and charging issues and some parts(motherboard,charger,battery) were replaced. Now the warranty has expired but a new problem has cropped up. The battery has stopped charging. On the battery icon in tray it shows "plugged in,charging" but still battery is not charging. As soon as i pull the power cord out the system immediately shuts down. I have tried different power chord and different battery ,I also updated the BIOS to A12, none of these solved the problem.

As far as i know , the problem might be the motherboard (which just got replaced 40-45 days ago). Now, as the system is out of warranty , technical support is not even ready to talk to me. Now, unless the motherboard is already damaged one can expect at least 1+ year life from it, which makes me wonder about the replaced motherboard.

This is not the first time i am having troubles with this laptop. In the beginning even the warranty duration dell provided me with was wrong (10 months only).I had to make dozens of calls to the retailer and dell support to fix the issue (after at least one month of calls and delays).After that it was the heating and charging issues(mentioned above),for which parts were replaced,but the heating issue still persists. And now, the worst of all problems has occurred and the laptop has even stopped charging and  is out of warranty.So, i have to spend hefty amount of money on a part they just replaced while the product was in warranty.

I have used 3 other dell laptops in past ,all were great,but  my experience with this laptop has been nightmarish. Day by day the quality of Dell products is degrading. Never expected that from such a nice company.I used to trust Dell blindly, but now these experiences have completely changed my opinion.

I have posted this thread in General hardware forum also :

but, i don't expect a solution. All i can do now is get rid of this junk and never again buy a dell product.

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