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I have done business with Dell for years! I have spent thousands of dollars with Dell and own seven Dell computers now and would like to continue. That is, if I can speak to someone in America I can understand that has access to my account and real answers for my questions. I do not wish to speak to someone in India or the Philippines that are hard to understand and/or does not have access to my account information. Outsourcing is necessary for some businesses. If you are going to outsource please make it with someone that actually can help us out here with REAL and UNDERSTANDABLE answers!!   

This is very frustrating and makes Dell look very-very bad! You may be BIG! But you are going to get smaller and lose HUGE amounts of money from people that would like to enjoy all of the above stated when they call! Out of shear frustration I hung up today on two phone calls for help with a new purchase when the rep stated they could not access my account information and were VERY hard to understand not to mention they talked so fast I had to constantly ask them to repeat, and repeat what they said. Hopefully, I can get some help? Or I will have to buy from someone else. It looks as though Dell has finally made it impossible to speak with an American!!


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  • Hi David,

    Thank you for posting your comments and bringing your concerns to our attention. Allow me to sincerely apologize for any difficulties you may have encountered in attempting to resolve your concerns.  Dell strives to provide an efficient, first-time resolution for every call.  While I realize that only our future interactions can restore your confidence in us completely, I want to assure you that Dell always aims to provide customers with a satisfying and enjoyable purchase experience.

    As a global company, Dell has expanded its call-center operations into different parts of the world, including Malaysia, Brazil, Canada and India.  We strive to offer every customer the most effective assistance possible. I am truly sorry if you encountered a language barrier while working with any of our internationally partnered technicians.  We realize that verbal communication is the cornerstone of quality telephone support, and we strive to offer every customer the most effective assistance available.

    Dell offers a variety of ways to contact us for assistance rather than calling in for telephone support. In addition to contacting us here on the Dell Community Forum, you may chat with a Dell expert online, contact us via twitter @DellCares or on Facebook

    Please contact me privately by clicking on my name in blue, selecting the email icon or Start a Conversation, and providing the following information. I am happy to look into any concerns on your behalf.

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  • Hi David,

    I am following up to be certain your concerns have been addressed. If you still need assistance, I am happy to ask a sales representative to contact you. Please contact me privately and provide the requested information.