Dell Venue 8 pro delay!

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Dell Venue 8 pro delay!

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I am not happy at all at the moment. Ship date was November 7th. Still nothing. I've contacted support but I get the same line that there are delays etc. I need a solid answer!! If I have to wait until mid December I will cancel and buy locally! I ordered on OCT 18th. It is over one MONTH!!!!! How is that acceptable for any company? I am not angry but I am not please by any means. We need to resolve this asap. Thank you.

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  • Hi JoshNCA,

    It sounds like we do have some delays. There are some units available at local partner retailers, such as Best Buy and Walmart. Let me know if you want help checking or editing your order. I can have someone contact you privately, via email, to get your order #.

    -Don D

  • yes please I want to get this resolved. Thank you.

  • JoshNCA,

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  • This morning I checked the status of my Venue Pro 8 order, and was surprised to find it had been cancelled (I ordered on Monday 18th, first day they were available to order in Australia).  I've contacted Support and they are investigating.  I didn't get an email or anything to explain what had happened.  Strangely the Stylus is still in progress though.  Will post back here when I get some kind of explanation.

  • I received my pen and case already :). Very nice design. I just need the tablet so that managers can sign inspections :).