HI I had the same issue as you did, now am well computer literate so when this issues began on my computer I did everything from scanning it for viruses, pre boot diagnoses, memory scan, hardware scan, I did everything and I do mean everything. now after everything came back clean I decided to call AlienWare Tech support. Now I have to say they have the best costumer support they were patient and even got there manager involve to solve the issues on my laptop, sadly I do have to say that after trying everything on my side and their side there were only three choices left 1. reinstall windows7 completely 2. use alienware respawn to reset computer to its original factory settings and programing. 3. do a system restore to the most working restore point. so which one should you use well I did a complete system reset to factory setting and programing. also before you do this make sure you back up all your important information on an external hard drive. CONGRATUALTIONS you fix your computer but wait your still not don. yea I know it suck but this is the most important step on finalizing that your laptop is fix. ok now you have to put all your updates back into your computer now before you update anything you have to change you update settings to never update and download after you do that you will have to manually update you computer yes it a little more work but you will see why you should do this. open up windows updates and check for updates after you do that you will get a load of updates, DO NOT AND I DO MEAN DO NOT TRY TO UPLOAD ALL THE UPDATES AT ONE OK doing so will bring back the issue with the alinware alienfx controller and you will get that error (0x80010002). Also click on the important updates so you can see the entire list you may notice that a few do not have the check mark leave then alone. once you ur looking at the list also uncheck the update that is for the internet ok it should be the second update on the list. ok now you have to search for a few more that are check but you want to uncheck them ok. look for the update that has this code in parenthesis (KB2835361), (KB2849470) ok after you have found this two  more updates and uncheck them click on optional updates and make sure that all updates are uncheck. ok you should be only installing about 60 to 57 updates on your computer. now once you have install the updates and restarted your computer you will have to shut it down and then restart it from a complete shutdown. now that you have turn on you r computer again go to your updates and go to view history update this allow you check that all your updates successfully installed. if you do see tha and update failed to install write the code down so you can look for it and uninstall it. if all updates were successful go back and finish all the other updates but the will have to be done one at a time which means you can only install one update at a time also make sure that after every update you completely shutdown your computer and then turn it back on this will allow you to see if the issue came back. if the issue does come back after any update then that means that which ever update you install before the issue appear is the one that is causing the issues in you computer. but if there is no issues then continue with the updates until they are all done. now if all is successful than you shouldn't have anymore issues with alienfx. also I do recommend  check for updates at least twice or or three days in a week because you want to install your updates one at a time that way you don't keep getting the same issue with the alienfx and checking for updates at least two days or three days helps with not having to load a lot of updates and makes it easier to install updates one by one. well I hope this helped.