Alienware Command Center, Hebrew language

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Alienware Command Center, Hebrew language

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I own a keyboard of Alienware product, that does not support the Hebrew language in Windows in a complete way. I cannot operate the keyboard in Hebrew in the same way as English language in Windows. I would like you to provide offer me a proper solution to this problem. waiting for your answer.

Sincerely yours,

Leor Nadav.

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  • LeorNadav,

    Which specific Alienware keyboard model did you purchase? Explain in great detail the issue that Command Center has with hebrew.

  • I have bought an keyboard tactx KG900 wich working in full way in windows in Engilsh language,but when I am swiching to Heberw language I canot oporate the keyboard in the full way in the command center.

    In English I can do themes and disable third part programs.

    here is an image that show full oporate

    in heberw I cant even see the "theme" "View" and "help".

    like here:

    also the small icon on the bottom bar when I click right mouse key nothing happen.

    This are my main problems,thanks for the fast common and help.

    Leor Nadav.

  • Your country doesn't appear to be listed in the "Applies to:" section of the driver. My guess is all of those countries listed would have TactX support.

  • First of all thanks for comment. Does it really mather from what country I am? My country does have a Dell support. Should I go to them? I dont think they will help me so much because in my country Alienware is not so popular.

  • No. I am not saying go to Support for your country. My thought was that the languages supported by TactX would mirror those countries in that section. Does that make sense?

  • sorry but not much. it is just a program,is it soo difficult to program the command center to work with Windows with different languages? I dont mean the program it self to be in outher language,only that it will operate in english in the same way but in different language of windows. sorry that I am pain. sorry that I am tossing everthing at you, but have format my computer twich just to figure what is the problem,and I am desperate because of this.

  • We tried the TactX keyboard AlienFX settings after setting both the input language and keyboard layout to Hebrew, it works just fine. Are both the the keyboard USB cables connected to USB ports on the computer?

  • Hey Chris

    please watch this video I made that shows my problem.

  • Great video! It appears that you have an old version of the AlienFX. Try loading this version:

    Make sure you have the latest Microsoft dotnet installed first.

  • Hi chris.

    I have try to install what you send me  but it says "This installation package is not compatible with this platform."

    I have installed donet 4 before.

    I am quite desperate from this problem.

  • here is a video that shows that: