Alienware R4 still overheating!!

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Alienware R4 still overheating!!

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Alright so ive been trying to fix this computer since it started acting stupid back in May. I run the HWMonitor so I can see my temps. I turn my computer on and it idles at 50C which is to high to begin with. If I run any type of program like videos or games it spikes up to 100C and starts overheating and computer lags and shuts down. When I try to start it back up it tries to do a system restore which is pointless because I have factory reset 3 times trying to fix this. Ive checked the wiring inside the computer to make sure they were in the right places and none interfering with the fans. I've taken the thermal cooling system off and cleaned the heat sink as well as the cpu. Reapplied Artic Silver 5 thermal gel and put the cooling system back on correctly. Ive cleaned all the dust out completely with compressed air. Ive observed the fans with the case open to make sure they were all spinning. I mean ive done every troubleshooting thing off the Alienware website and nothing is making it any better. Ive updated my BIOs to A07 and ive updated my video card from the recommended downloads part of the alienware support. I'm out of ideas on how to stop this overheating. I spent a ton of money on this tank of a computer because my last computer had overheating problems and it was getting old so I bought this new one, I just don't know how to fix this when none of the troubleshooting ideas work. I cant even run the ePSA because I get a error code at the very beginning of it because of the overheating. The error code is (Error Code 2000-0314). Please help.

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  • Hi Jlane94,

    Great troubleshooting, please send me a private message with your service tag and contact information so I can assist you better, also, please include the link to this thread on the private message.

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