brand new Aurora R4 overheating problem

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brand new Aurora R4 overheating problem

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Yesterday I received my Aurora. A few minutes after I first started it, the fan was working REALLY loud, and after checking, it was working above 4000 RPM. I tried setting it to Manual, but nothing changed. Also, the PC was slower and somehow laggy for that specs! (All that when PC is idle or serfing the internet). Sometimes, every 5-10 minutes, the fan may go to 2000-3000 RPM for only some seconds, but then continues at 4000 RPM.

I then downloaded Speccy to check temperatures, and CPU was 104 C, so I have an overheating problem. I also run EPSA and got this error:

error: 2000-0314 
validation 973669
Thermal: The (CPU Thermistor) reading (104C) exceeds the thermal limit.

I contacted Alienware, and the technician told me it may be a faulty liquid cooler, or I should try applying new thermal paste. Could just new thermal paste solve the problem? Is it possible the CPU is faulty? or the graphic card? Any help and suggestion is appreciated!

(The PC was bought from UK, but was shipped in Cyprus, so technical support at home from UK is impossible)


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  • I took some speccy screenshots today, they might help you!

  • Hello JackMini!

    You will probably need to replace both of them, the liquid cooling and the thermal paste. If the system has been performing well so far (besides the overheating) I don’t think the CPU or GPU are faulty.

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  • Thanks for your reply!

    It seems to work fine(no errors when running) , only it is slower that expected. I mean with the R4 specs I was expecting A LOT more performance than that. Can this be caused because the CPU gets too hot? Or it must be a faulty CPU?

  • When the CPU gets hot performance will suffer.  The CPU throttles itself down to avoid damage.  Once the parts are replaced as Milena suggests it should be fine but yes it sounds like a liquid cooling failure.  And yes once fixed the performance will be phenomenal.

    without home service would suggest you ask support to ship you a liquid cooling assembly and then they should be able to walk you through replacing it.

  • Thanks you all for the help!

    I finally found a distributor here in Cyprus, and they will provide me with a free part replacement. I am waiting for it to arrive (they did not have it in stock) and then replace it.


  • I'm glad you found someone who was able to help you down there. Let us know how it goes once you get the part.

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  • The Dell OEM coolers for the Aurora R4 CPUs (Asetek OEM) are prone to failure due to the fluid gunking up on the CPU block.  I replaced mine with a Corsair H80i this morning and here's what the gunky Dell one looked like.  Try that, an $80 permanent solution.