M18X Black Screen Freeze with Noise

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M18X Black Screen Freeze with Noise

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I am reaching wits end with this problem. While playing any game I end up with random crashes, where the screen goes black, and all I hear is a buzzing noise from my speakers (just 0.01 second sound loop of whatever was going on. Sound like bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tho).And of course it decided to start two weeks after my warranty ended lol

I've kept the dust out and cleaned vents, I also use a cooling mat at all times. 

The only way I can even use my computer anymore is disabling SLI and Underclocking the video cards to under 475mhz. Have to love having SLI 580Ms and getting 20fps.

Is there any possible solution to this problem that doesn't involve me shelling out the 300$ to extend my warranty?

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  • has the bios been updated.. aswell as the video cards bios.... I know they 580/and 680's had a throttling issue which caused issue u describe...

  • Have checked both MB and Video Bios. Both are up to date with current versions available from Dell's website.

  • <crickets>

  • Anyone? :(

  • Sounds like a defective video card or faulty ac adapter.

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  • How do the temperatures look?

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  • Under load Mid 60s right up to the freeze. Downclocked to 475 under load It's sitting at 53.