System Interrupts

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System Interrupts

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I recently purchased this x51, the first thing I did after it arrived was updated video drivers and installed SimCity and then StarCraft 2. Both games play beautifully but quickly become laggy/choppy visually and the audio gets static. When I look at System Resources the System Interrupts are taking up 10-20% of CPU. If I wait 30 sec - 1 min the System Interrupts go to zero and I can play for another 1-10 minutes before it occurs again.

I've downloaded every Windows Update possible, and every suggested driver update from the Dell resources page. Still have the problem. I've reached the limits of my capabilities and need suggestions on how to find out what is causing the System Interrupts and ruining my gaming experience on this brand new Alienware.

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  • Hiquanji,

    I would start by returning the drivers to what we loaded at the factory. Then retest your games.

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  • Hi Chris,

    Used the Alienware Respawn to return the system to factory conditions. The System Interrupts are still a problem. How can I find out what is causing them?