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Alienware X51 Upgrade

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My X51 is a year old now and I am toying with the idea of upgrading, it was the base model so my PWR supply is the 240w with the I3 processor 4gb ram and gt545 gpu. Could you please advise the max processor and gpu I can put in without upgrading the pwr supply. I intend to up grade the ram to 8.

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  • Hi PabloDark,

    I have provided information regarding the parts upgrade on the Alienware X51:



    Memory can be upgraded up to:

     8 GB - with SandyBridge processor.

    16 GB - with IvyBridge processor.

    Video card:

    240W Power supply can support below mentioned video cards on the computer:


    Please reply if you have any further questions.

    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh R
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  • So if I read that right I am able to upgrade to an i7 CPU a gtx660 with 8 or 16 gig of ram depending on the CPU without upgrading the pwr supply to 330 w
  • No you'd need to upgrade to a 330 for the 660. I have an EVGA 670 FTW which gives 680 stock performance in mine and works perfectly.  Requires some minor modding (removing the internal fan grill which just pops off and a 6 to 8 pin cable). 

    Alienware Area 51 R2  with GTX Titan x SLI ......well when the replacement cards arrive :)

  • Ok heres my problem I dont want to buy a 330w pwr yet but will do at a later stage what I want is a worth while upgrade so heres my proplem I am playing The Secret World on max and there is some slow down not sure of frame rate right now but the slow down is quite noticeable Do I

    1 upgrade Ram which is only 4gig to 8 and CPU to an ivybridge idealy an i7 will this improve my frame rate and not over load the pwr supply as this option would not need changing when I do get the 330w pwr supply

    2  get the best Gpu that will run on my 240 pwr supply which might be the GT640 which is the same as the one in the currant 240 rig but is it a big enough jump in performance over the gt545

    3 Be senseably and turn down the settings and wait till I can afford the PWR supply before any upgrades.

  • option 3 anyday

    Alienware Area 51 R2  with GTX Titan x SLI ......well when the replacement cards arrive :)

  • I would take option 1 and as soon as you get some extra money get the 660+ the PSU.

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  • Could you also detail the graphics card upgrade possibilities for the 330W power supply please?

  • I have the evga gtx 670 ftw 2gb (Hexus review benchmarks this at stock 680 performance).  It's been in my x51 for 7 months and running perfectly.  This is the highest you can go with Nvidia and the 330 psu as 680's have been tried and proven draw too much power.

    Alienware Area 51 R2  with GTX Titan x SLI ......well when the replacement cards arrive :)