alienware m14x booting problem, beep sound and monitor dosent turn on.

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alienware m14x booting problem, beep sound and monitor dosent turn on.

  • thank you in advance to anyone who helps me out.

    yesterday i set my m14x to sleep, everything at this point was normal.

    the next day i open it to start my normal activities, when the computer starts beeping really loudly and the monitor dosent turn on.

    after several retry's and disconecting all the usb cables (fan, keyboard, mouse and power) it started working again perfectly.

    the problem is that, when i start the m14x and its connected to the power cable the laptop screen dosent turn on (all the lights do, just get a black screen).

    once the computer is on, if connect the power cable nothing happens, its just when i boot it.

    thank you in advance, and excuse my poor english.

  • "once the computer is on, if connect the power cable nothing happens, its just when i boot it."

    That is confusing me. How are you getting the screen on? By booting up with the battery only, then once into windows your connected the AC adapter?

  • this is how it was working yes, tho since this morning it started to work normally.

    is the laptop safe to move around?

  • It should be fine to move around. Are you sure the AC adapter is firmly seated?

  • yes it is, as i said the problem just hapened because i let  the computer in sleep mode without the charger on, when i tried to turn it on thats when i got the beep sounds, until i restarted and did as i wrote above, still not sure exactly what hapened

  • The problem started again it did 7 consecutive beep sounds, the problem is the same computer turns on but dosent display anything
  • im having the same problem with my brand new M14x .

    i closed my laptop last night without any problems. today when i opend it, i just had a black screen and the keyboard lights were on. then i has a 7 time beep sound evry few seconds. its this a common problem or should ik contact the support phone line?

    plz help

  • it turns out this is a fairly common problem ivan u should try a contact support

  • logging onto the Alienware forums, it seems it's a CPU issue and needs a new one or something ( ). I've recently tried two different threads as mine is doing the same but they keep being deleted. Now comes our joy of trying to call it in so it can be fixed and we can get back to work =)

  • yeah i called tech support they are gonna send a new motherboard in, think its a factory problem with m14x bought before the 1st of dec.

  • I got mine three weeks ago, ordered in early december. It might just be a problem with the newer models but i hope they get it figured out

  • We are having the same problems but ours beeps all around the board. 7 beeps... then 8 beeps... then 4.. beeps. I called customer support and we are shipping it back for them to repair it. We bought ours on Nov 28th 2010. Second Dell with problems. I should have learned but all the boards said how Alienware was one of the best gaming laptops. HUMMMM

  • just got tech support to come to my house to fix the motherboard, excellent service, my comp is running as it should, best experience ive had with tech support

  • Today they called me to say they didnt have the spare part and they wont know when it will be avaible. when they get it they will get at my home to fix it..