Aurora R4 overheating problem SOLVED!!!

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Aurora R4 overheating problem SOLVED!!!

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I posted few days ago about my  aurora overheating problem but got no real answer... So i decided to find the problem by myself and look what i found ...

My theory was that my pump wasnt working because 1 hose ( the out ) was really getting hot ( almost can't touch it ) and the intake was cold.

So i removed my entire watercooling systems

the inside pump liquid was full no problem here

The input right side...  no problem

And finaly ... the problem the output of the liquid was complety blocked by that gelly thing

So i cleaned all this with alcool, putted new thermal paste on CPU and here we go Surprise



So i hope this thread will help someome because i did alot of search and found nothing that helped me.

And i got a question for alienware support wasnt the watercooling system was suppose to be maintenance free ??

This look like a bad quality watercooling liquid ! And its not old i bought my comp in june 2012 so warranty ended 1 month ago ...

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  • Same problème, at the same time.. (but i have 2 years warranty)  .

    Same solution... no comment..

    Thx! For the topic! really helpfull. 

  • Hello guys,

    Yep another overheating Aurora R4 ! Same problem, water-cooling system defect.... One year and a month later : no more warranty of course !

    I had to changed this non-reliable system by a CORSAIR H80i which is quiet and more efficient than the previous Dell built-in system.

    Even though i know this is my last Alienware system ( they all know their parts are <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per TOU> but don't do anything ! ), i would like to thank all the people who helped me to find the fix and avoid my processor to definitively burn ...

    A very angry french customer.


  • There are a lot of angry R4 owners out there. Am sure a very small percentage of the failures with the cooling systems are being reported and just being replaced with something better and that's why Dell/Alienware could care less about the problem. I would like to ask those of you that have had the cooling system fail a question. Do you do a lot of heavy duty gaming? My R4 is almost 15 months old, built in Oct 2012 and the only game I play is FSX and not a whole lot of that. I watch the fans and temps pretty close and so far, no problems. Is this a gradual thing or is everything fine one minute and the next the computer sounds like it wants to fly away and the temps go up?.
  • Hello Wayne,

    To be honest, i bought this R4 to play. For 13 months, i played almost every day. That's the purpose of an alienware, isn't it ?

    I also bought this machine because of the famous name and because Dell. I thought they were reliable... Unfortunately, this was not the right choice.

    1 month after the end of the legal warranty, the water-cooling failed ... Ok that's not the end of the world, but this irritates me.

    My PC was running fine when it started to speed up its fans to an extreme level of noise. The CPU temp was almost 90°C in idle. :(

    I had to switch off the PC and look the possible causes on the internet until i found this post.

  • Thanks for that reply and info. Yes the real purpose of the Alienware is gaming, but I have wanted one since I started reading about them in the late 90s. I was just able to afford one even though I do very little gaming. When it was a private company, Alienware was noted for using top of the line parts in all their computers, since Dell bought them, it seems to have gone the other way and the lowest price parts are being used even though it's not reflected in the price of the computers. I still like the computer, but am very disappointed in what I am seeing. This is my first and last Alienware, I will build my next one from scratch and know what I am getting. My R4 has a 3 year extended warranty, but when and if I have the cooling problem, I won't use it and have the system replaced with the same Asetek unit that Dell puts in them. Will replace it with a Corsair like you did and be done with it.

  • Hello Everyone...

    My Alienware Aurora R4 systems recently started the same problem.   I am not a gamer - this system is used for web development & photography production.Of out nowhere the main system fan started running at 4300 rpm.  Typically it stays around 2100 rpm.

    I've read about a handful of things that could cause that.  I started by ruling out all of the bios / driver / software version mentioned in those articles.  Still nothing.

    I was unsure if it was the "goo" problem because the return hose was barely warm -  even the plastic casing for the piece connected to the CPU was only warm.  I took the advice and downloaded HW Monitor and sure enough all of my processor temps where very high.

    So I spent this afternoon removing, cleaning & re-installing the CPU cooler and it has fixed the issue.  I am replying to provide a few helpful hints

    1. Once you have the case open start by removing the 4 screws that attach the cooler to the CPU.  I would reccommend having some paper towels around just in case.
    2. Next undo the 4 screws that attach the system fan to the case.  The screws are located on the backside of the case.  
    3. This should only take you a few minutes and then both units simply slide out.  Just note the CPU cooler is attached with a grayish putty - so you may have to give it a little tug.
    4. Once the units are out of the case you'll need to undo the 12 tiny screws on the silver metal piece.  Leave the screws in the outer black plastic casing - you don't need to remove those
    5. Once you've removed the screws the entire silver piece simply pops out and you will see the small internal radiator as pictured from the original poster.  Mine was gunked up on 1 side only.
    6. I used a small flat head screwdriver to carefully scrape the goo off.   Just be sure not to bend any of the cooling fins.  
    7. I then blew several shots of compressed air through both sides of the unit
    8. From there you just have to reverse the steps to re-install. 

    On initial startup my system fan was still hitting 4300 rpm - but after a few minutes went back to normal.  I had HW Monitor open the whole time and I could see the ambient and processor core temps coming down along the way.  I started the day off at 83C, ended around 56C.

    Chances are I will purchase an after-market system just in case, but at least I was to avoid a lot of down time for my business today.

    Hope this helps anyone else that runs into this problem.

  • Hi Chris can you please tell me what the specs are for my current cooling system which I do believe is that 5560W I have the Aurora R4. I hear that the H55 is a replacement but I'm just looking for the specs for now on my original one can you please help or point me in the right direction.
  • Favorited the thread, in case this happens to me! Smart thinking, out of the box! Kudos!

  • Hi,

    i am receiving the same overheating and fan speed going crazy issue.

    i am in contact with the Support Service since November 2013, too this point my system was in warranty.

    i followed all the instructions from the Service ceck System Temps HW Monitor ... the result CPU Temps go beyond 95 °C.

    The service told me they will replace the cooling unit, but so far nothing happend.

    i wrote tuns of emails, i dont understand why it takes so long too replace it.

    i am totally disappointed.

  • KEAPS,

    I'm thinking about buying the Corsair h80i myself since you already installed it on yours I hope you don't mind me asking you a couple of questions.

    I was looking for the USB connection from the pump to the motherboard where did you plug your in at if you did if not is everything working fine.

    And did you use both fans the original fan is exhausting out of the case did you follow that same procedure.

     My machine is doing the same thing everyone else is doing and I do like the Corsair fans


  • Hello Raysz,

    The USB ports are located on the MOBO, under the Graphic card. There is normally a free one :)

    I followed the documentation for the 2 fans, they're exhausting out both.

    Let me know if you have any questions !

    Cheers !


  • That is strange they would tell you they would replace the liquid cooling unit then drop the ball. The number I use for Alienware support is 1-866-287-6727, follow the prompts and never have any trouble. I also get people with Spanish sir names, who speak understandable English unlike what you normally get. If that's not the number you have been using, give that a try.  

  • Well just my luck I went to the two popular stores in my area and they were sold out lol.

    so I have to order it online, I will let you know how it goes just as soon as I get it

     I appreciate your response back you helped a lot

  • I do have two more questions if you don't mind.

    After you install the pump, since you're not using the plug that the original pump was plugged into. 

    in CMOS there is a place where the pump can be throttled did you disable this or just left it alone.

     and I'm also assuming that the thermal control software (Alienware) that is no longer needed either since Corsair has their own


     I appreciate all your help

  • Thanks so much for this - my R4 had been roaring so loud for awhile now and I tried a few things - opened the case for better airflow, re-installed the Command center etc like I read had read on other posts.

    I yanked out the stock cooling and replaced with an Intel TS13X liquid cooling package and now it soooo  quite I cannot believe the difference and my core temps sit between 37c and 50c depending on load.

    I had to to the hardware store to pick up some longer screws to mount, but other than that it works great. It only uses the one pin for the fan for power - so no modifications or trickiness needed to setup

    Thanks so much for posting this.


    Ps- I am gonna take apart the old system to see what I see - will post pics